Better Care for a Better Future

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Better Care for a Better Future

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Imagine sitting in a hospital, watching a family member suffer. Due to their illness, they are forced to stay in this hospital for an extended amount of time. The environment is nothing like home and it is extremely uncomfortable. Even though time is flying, it feels like everything is moving so slow. It’s hard to believe that something so horrible could be happening to someone that is loved so much. You would do anything to see them get better, but the technology and care needed to provide a complete healing is not available at this hospital. Every little thing that is done wrong it so frustrating and you just want to scream. Your entire world is falling apart. It is too late to move somewhere else that might be able to be more beneficial. What could have been done to provide better care? Why did it take so long to realize this hospital did not have the proper technology and medical care? What would you do to do everything over and find a better hospital? To feel completely comfortable with the possibilities that are provided and to be able to heal and rest in a stable and environment that can be very similar to their home? Many hospitals do not have the proper technology or staff to give their patients the best possible treatment that they deserve. The time that a patient stays in the hospital can vary depending on how severe their case is. Since each and every patient is different, each patient will require a different type of care, some more extensive than others. Some patients only have to stay a day or two, while others spend months at a time in the hospital. Regardless of how long a patient is going to be in the hospital, each and every patient should have the best possible care available to them along with the feeling of being right at home. While some hospitals go above and beyond with their health care, others barely meet the needs of their patients. All...

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