Bethany Hamilton

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February 4, 2014

Is this woman an effective source of inspiration for amputees?

Title: Is this women an effective source of inspiration or amputees?

I. Introduction
A. Did you know the United States has an average of 3 million people who has lost all or part of an arm, hand, or leg by amputation? B. There are many who are held back in life due to their physical imperfections. Some people will give up on life’s adventures while others decide to make a legacy of their disabilities, such as Bethany Hamilton. A once normal girl from Kauai, Hawaii, now a very inflectional public speaker for amputees.

II. Point 1: Bethany survived a shark attack
A. she lost an arm
B. she survived and stayed positive

III. Point 2: Bethany competed in several surf competitions
A. She became a professional surfer
B. She won first place Explorer Women’s Division

IV. Point 3: Bethany has been featured in movies and written several books A. In 2004 she published “Soul Surfer”
B. She was the inspiration behind Becky Baumgartner’s 2007 documentary entitled “Heart of a Soul Surfer”

V. Point 4: Bethany is involved in numerous charities
A. She created her own charity foundation, “Friends of Bethany”

VI. Conclusion
A. Now that the world has seen what a little faith and a lot of determination can produce for someone living without an arm, we as a people can accomplish anything. Bethany Hamilton survived a shark attach and was able to compete in several surf competitions, star in a major motion picture “Soul Surfer”, written over four books, and launch a charity foundation. B. She is a source of inspiration to amputees and all of humanity. Bethany believes that truth, hope, and strengthen is all you need to pursue what God has planned for you and now I do too.
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