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Topics: English-language films, KILL, American films Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: January 18, 2013
First I'm going to talk about my favorite TV show. Its name is Prison Break. It all talks about someone whose name is Michel Scofeeld and a very big company in the U.S.A. this company tried to kill his brother by a very dangerous way. The make him seems as the killer of the president brother. They set everything for him to be arrested by this charge. Everybody thought he killed him except his wife and his brother who is our hero. They took him to the prison to set for killing because what he has done or I should say what they think he has done. His brother didn’t stay watching that. He was an engineer. He planed for his brother escape from the prison. He did a very big tattoo in his body which was not just a big tattoo; it was a very big map for one of the biggest prisons in the world in which nobody ever could escape it. The brother tried to steel a bank to get to the prison in which his brother is. He could make it and got to the prison near his brother. He has planned for everything even after they run away. At the end of the first season he could get his brother out of the prison, but the problem was that many people was killed in that operation, not only that the other problem is that ten of the biggest criminal in the U.S.A has escaped with them. The brother (the hero) will never forgive himself about what he has done. A nurse who helped them escape did face so many problems for her and her father, because her father was the governor of that city. He got fired from his job. After a little bit they found him dead in his flat. The company killed him because he knew very dangerous information about them. Any way the hero of our TV show didn’t make it at the end. He died to save his wife from the danger. I think I have to remind you that he got married from the nurse who helped him escape from the prison. The second TV show that I want to talk about is 24. It is very famous series it has eight seasons every one has 24 episodes. It all talks about a very big...
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