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Best Teacher Essay

By mrjudson86 Mar 27, 2011 281 Words
1. If my memory serves my correct, “The Best Teacher” I remember is my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Hawthorne. She taught at Stamford Middle School in Stamford, CT. Mrs. Hawthorne was tough, patient, caring, and didn’t mind going that extra mile for any of her students education. Whether it was staying afterschool, coming to your house for parent-teacher conferences, or even buying school materials for students that couldn’t afford them. Mrs. Hawthorne, to me, was the definition of a GREAT teacher.

2. I think when I teach my philosophy of education will be more of a behaviorist. Behaviorist puts emphasis on accountability, believes in practice, practices reinenforcement, and having objectives. All of these characteristics are what I think are important in helping a student learning and successed. This is also the philosophy I think most of my past good teachers followed.

3. My “life-changing” moment that involved my education was when I first met this Bronx native Geoffrey Canada. He came to our 8th grade class to talk to us, Ive never knew of Mr. Canada before that day. His speech was so heart-felt, almost like President Obama speeches. He talked about stereotypes, the importance of studying and practice, never giving up, and never settling for just getting by. Mr. Canada was a social activist, author, educator, and now is CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone. Harlem Children’s Zone is a group of charter schools in Harlem that focuses on combating effects of poverty and improving child/parent education. Mr. Canada has showed me that you can come from anywhere and succeed, but when you succeed you she help others strive to succeed.

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