Best-Self Portrait

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Learning Project 1, Part 4-6


LP1, Part 4: What are others' experiences of me when I am my best?

Phase 1: Creating the Reflected Best-Self Portrait
When I am at best, I help people. I motivate myself and feel motivated when I get to help others. Whether it’s a stranger, colleague, friends, or family, I feel my passion in assisting those in need. As long as it’s within my capability and moral belief that what people ask for help is ethical and legal, I give them my attention and time. I feel happy that I am able to give a hand, and I feel happy to see people become happy with the help I give them. Helping others put smiles on my face and also on them as well. I feel proud of myself that I have the power to help the others. For families and friends, I am always open for help and be supportive. I believe that if there are people out there who love to help, there will be many people who will return the helping spirit to other people. I always try to be responsible with tasks I have been given, and also be responsible with myself. I believe it is important to have trusts and both independence and dependence to others. Being responsible is an important part of me. When I make a promise, I try my best to keep the promise because it is my responsibility. I am persistent and drive myself to bring the end result, a good result, of things I was responsible for. As an employee, I hold onto the responsibilities as an employee to provide my best in each shift, and do all the tasks given by my supervisor and managers. It is in my best interest to never lose any reason to not smile. I try to find reasons to smile everywhere and every day, whether the reason involves weather, my job, friends, or smaller things like I woke up early for the day. So I make reasons to be optimistic, to start the day content and positive. I know that it’s important for me to stay positive and find things to be happy about. I love having opportunities to learn new things and experience and gain new skills. The fact that there still are opportunities for new experiences is important to me. Because I think these opportunities are getting less as you get older, I try my best to grab every opportunity I can do learn new skills that are practical in the future. When an opportunity is shown to me, I commit myself until I achieve in grabbing that opportunity and absorb everything I can do to face new challenges and learn. I adapt to the new circumstances and am open-minded to different things. I may not be competitive, but I am ambitious to get things done and be successive at it. I stay focused on what I have started and never give up until I complete the task. I am a hard-worker, who tries the best to achieve success. As long as I don’t bring negative effects around me in the process, I don’t only give up but also continue to put my best effort to be triumphant. I stay focused. My family is important to me. Because I can’t see them often or regularly, I am more loyal to them than ever. I care and cherish them. I express my love in many different ways. I let them know I still love them no matter how far I am now today. I support them mentally and orally; I let some tension and troubles away from them; and I always stay responsive to them. When asked for help, I am enthusiastic to help them the best I can. I feel responsible to love them and be a supportive family member to them as they are to me. Like it is my job to love and be dutiful to my parents as a daughter, my job is exactly the same for all the other family members. I am a good friend. I am a good listener, listening to my friends’ problems and worries. I support my friends but I know when to be honest and realistic, with the purpose of helping them

Patterns/Themes| Declaration| Examples Given|
Helpful| I believe in being selfless, making small differences, putting smiles on others’ faces, being compassionate, and have a heart to help. | 1. Helping Coral out, with...
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