Best Practices of American Airlines

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Best Practices: American Airlines

Best practices are techniques or methods that lead to better results and improvements in things such as ethics teamwork motivation or other things that keep a business going smoothly. These practices utilize all the knowledge and technology advances that one has to conquer success in the given field. The term of “Best Practices” is used often times in healthcare education systems project management as well as government administration and several other organizations. These things make certain businesses become the best in class or the ideal for its category. Examples of best practices are but are not limited to things that deal with price, employee perks or how happy the employee is, motivation, teamwork, as well as customer appreciation. It is important to know that there is no specific practice that acts as a overall best practice for all organizations. No practice is perfect for every organization and no practice lasts the test of time either. American Airlines sets a standard as far as airlines go. They do this through several ways. The top three best practices include: Incentive Programs for customers such as their AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Mileage Program which demonstrates customer appreciation which goes hand in hand with their Customer Service Plan. Secondly affectively managing staff in order to keep up with customers demands. And lastly maintaining a happy healthy work environment so they can maintain a positive surrounding community.

Any rewards program is created to make the customer feel appreciated and creates perks that many customer can not resist. AAdvantage American Airlines’ frequent flyer miles program presents the same temptation. “The AAdvantage® program is American's travel awards program. It was the original travel awards program, established more than 25 years ago, and today is the world's largest program.” (Airline Miles) being the first to notice that customers wanted something more for their...

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