Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

Topics: Employment, Regulatory Focus Theory, Better Pages: 7 (2466 words) Published: May 15, 2011
Best Practices Manual for Supervisors
Libby Turner
MGT 210
September 2, 2010

In this manual we will review and discuss communication skills, effective orientation and training methods, how to improve productivity for teams, conduct performance appraisals, resolve conflicts, and discuss how to improve employee relations. Once we cover all of these supervisory responsibilities, you will have better know how on what it takes to be an effective supervisor. Demonstrating Communication Skills

Guide, Motivate
Communication is one of the most important roles that a supervisor must know in order to be an effective supervisor. It is one of the most important because a supervisor must know how to guide employees in their job tasks, and while doing so know how to encourage and motive at the same time. How does a supervisor guide and motive his/her team? Well that is simple; communication! When a supervisor understands how to communicate with his/her employees, then guiding them seems to be easy. First one major goal in communication is understanding what employees want and what it will take to motivate them individually while also as a team. Once a supervisor knows his/her team, then he/she will be able to guide them according to their job titles and duties. Once this has been accomplished, then the supervisor may find ways to make the job a bit more interesting for the employee, who in return shows faith in the supervisor which reflects a light on the whole company. Open-minded, Persuasive

Another way that a supervisor can demonstrate good communication skills is by being open minded and persuasive. One of the best ways for a supervisor to be open-minded is to be able to listen to suggestions for the company form the employees. By a supervisor listening to the employees, this shows the employee that they are important while also encouraging the employee to want to work if they are doing something they thought of themselves. As a supervisor one must know how to be persuasive and there are ways of persuading that will be more appealing to the employee, or in other words they will be more apt to be persuaded. A supervisor can be more persuasive to an employee if his/her communication is presented the right way. “Supervisors often have ideas that others oppose. To persuade other people to accept their ideas, supervisors must be able to communicate effectively”(Rue, L. W., & Byars, L. L., 2004, chap.3, p.2). So we know that if one can guide, motivate, be open-minded, and persuasive, then they will have the understanding of being able to communicate effectively as a supervisor. Orientation and Training Methods

Another major task that a supervisor must know how to do and be good at is to know how to do orientation and training. Orientation and training are both apart of a supervisors job in knowing what is best to find the right people for the job, and then to be able to train to the best ability possible. As supervisor it is ones job to be able to have staff work for them to do their job successfully. When a supervisor gets the right staff to do the job, then the supervisor is doing his, and it looks good on him to have great staff. Orientation is where all the elements of the job are covered through test, videos, and a walk around. I believe the first step at orientation should be to first either play a video or verbally discuss how the business came to be, and how it has keep going as long as it has. Discuss the history of the store and what it will take to become a successful employee. Then to show each step of the job, and what they will be doing on their job. After all that is done, then you will proceed to show the employee a hand’s on walk through of the job. Training

When it comes to training it is best to explain the job, and show how it’s done. “Demonstrate the proper way the work is to be done. Simply telling a person how to do a particular task is usually...
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