Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

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Best practices manual for supervisors

MGT 210

Supervisors are an important role to the employees and to upper management in any organization. When in this level of management in an organization, supervisors have direct contact with the line employees or staff. Because of this, their duties are very critical to the success of the company. Some of the responsibilities that supervisors have involve planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling the workflow and the day-to-day operations. These areas can be divided into different areas, which are discussed in this manual. The employees' performance and productivity depend mostly on the supervisor, being in control of all these areas would be a huge achievement for the supervisor and the business. This handbook will demonstrate the best practices for all supervisors in the company. If there happens to be an instance that comes up that is not covered in the handbook or if you may have some questions, its best to find someone in human resources. It is sometimes also a good idea to have another opinion if you are not certain about some situations. Better safe than making a mistake.

Communicating with others:
Communication is one of the best tools a supervisor has in their position. When you can communicate effectively it leaves little room for misunderstanding and confusion. It also shows the employee that you not only care, but also you hear them. This trait can do wonders for the company and, your employees. Those who feel worth will do more for you and, the company because they then feel part of the team. I like this quote because it’s so true not only for supervisors but in everyday life. “Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood”. - Freeman Teague, Jr. Messmer, 2005) as experienced managers know, this can result in costly mistakes, low morale, and even employees leaving their jobs. Employee communication can be one of the major traits in a job. When we practice correct communicating lessons by experience and showing them this is us the employees will then work better with will then increase productivity and hopefully the moral of the entire department will change. Knowing how to communicate to employees can be the most important things a supervisor can do because the way you speak towards another to show them something can make a huge difference. Such as if there is some personal information that needs to be related to and employee the best way to do this is a person to person meeting, Instead of just sending a note or memo. One of the main jobs as a supervisor is to make sure you are always available for you employees who have issues or question and be reading to give and answer or find them someone who can address their situation.

New employee orientation is a great time to integrate a new employee into our organization. It also is a good time to help motivate your new employee. A good orientation will introduce the new worker to what the goal is for your company. Orientation will also show the new employee what their responsibilities are and what duties they will be preforming. Orientation should be about procedure, policies, and codes of conduct, mission statement and the company's morals. Allen 1998 "Formal orientation programs can include tours of facilities, discussions about the history of the organization, meeting with human resource representatives to discuss policy and compensation, benefits, pay/rate of raise, taxes, sick leave, how they are eligible for promotions vacations and the basic rules of the company, they can also be assigned a mentor or what we call a shadow to help the employee get use to their surroundings and introduce them to their new co-workers. Being new a job can be stressful enough, so doing this helps the new employee start to feel part of the team.

A good training method will determine what a new employee will need to succeed and become successful in...

References: Rue, L. W., & Byars, L. L. (2004). Supervision: Key link to productivity (8th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
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