Best Movie

Topics: Love, Feeling, Romance Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: April 21, 2014
20 January 2014
Best Movie
Now, a days there are a lot of good interesting movies that capture my attention. But there was one specific movie that took my interest right from the start. If you really want to see a love movie that is not predictable and dull like every other this movie is for you you’ll capture a sense of young love, breath taking scences it’ll keep you guessing of what the outcome maybe. This movie is called “ The Notebook”. I consider it to be a must see movie that will have you feeling all types of emotions.

It’s a love based movie with a scenery of the 1940’s of two young couples by the name of Noah and Allie who fall deeply in love on a summertime and shows how there romance blossoms. Allie came from a highend society while Noah was not. Which caused alot of concern for Allie’s parents as they saw Noah as trouble for Allie. They prohibited Allie from seeing Noah which was one of the most heartbreaking part of the movie an unexpeted heart break, which caused them to not see each other for years. Despite the fact that allie was gone Noah still was madly in love with her and tried to keep in contact with her by writing her letters each day, for a whole year. Allie in the other hand was just following the paths that her parents choose for her to marry a wealthy man in the same social class as her. Despite of all the obstacles Noah and Allie ended up finding each other again and still realizing that thier love was still there. This movie really moved me deeply because it shows how love conqueres all, how Noah and Allie no matter how many set backs they faced their love always brought them together. I can guaranty this will be one of those movies I will think about five years after watching it, and still get the same feelings and emotions as I was watching it for the first time.
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