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Symposium on

“Best HR Practices in India”
April 16th & 17th 2012,

HPCL Management Development Institute, Nigdi, Pune
Organized By

Training & Balanced Scorecard Department, HPCL
Symposium Director : Mr. Ashis Sen, DGM-Training & Balanced Scorecard, HPCL

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Business growth is no longer unidirectional. It has become multi-polar and is growing simultaneously along many paradigms. This has caused intricate complexities in the field of business which rules out the formation of any particular model of competitive strategies which may be adhered to in general. Business models and paradigms of competitive strategy organized around the dualities of local and global, cost and customization today have to look at forces of Sustain ability, Employee Development, and Social Responsibility among others. Numerous studies have shown that in order to succeed in the next orbit, firms must be perpetually prepared, flexible and innovative and have abilities to continually build capability, manage partner ecosystem and lead change. Symposium Objectives The Two days Symposium and deliberate on an array of forces and factors in the business landscape, the issues and challenges for contemporary organizations in terms of our leadership styles, governance structures, strategic positioning, employment relations, management practices and change efforts. In so doing, we will not only develop our understanding of the evolving management practices, processes and change but provide the signposts and road maps for success. HR professionals must evolve to survive and thrive in an environment of dramatic and dynamic economic, technological and global changes. In this Symposium we will discover key elements in best practices as well as identify next HR practices. Themes for the Symposium Possibly, today's leadership development programs need an overhaul. The “one size fits all” approach doesn't work anymore. Diversity and cultural intelligence are emerging critical leadership success factors –in the era of globalisation & fast change. Corporations are quickly realizing lack of diversity management is now negatively impacting growth, employee management & can no longer ignore it.

The First Theme for our Symposium is “Managing Diversity (Gender/Generation/Ethnic) – An Essential Competence to Meet ”

Misalignment creates friction and dissonance in a system. It also subtracts from its effectiveness and efficiency. Organization's today fill and espouse the need to align individual employee's goals with organizational objectives. This Symposium would delve and deliberate on the practices in our organization to create a culture and environment where the job needs align with individual talents. Also, it would fathom how meaningful work emerges from a collective process of discussions and dialogue on organizational objectives. The process itself, we believe at HPCL, creates a alignment between the individual desires and the organization's visional objectives. This releases a high search of energy in the system for superior results.

The Second Theme for our Symposium is “Aligning Individual Goals with Organisation's Objectives”

“People are assets” and most organizations believe it dedicatedly. Nowadays many establishments are increasingly emphasizing on personal attributes while recruiting and developing staff. This enhances the overall development of the cohesive team and thus motivates them. Several organizations employ mentoring and coaching as an adhoc to training and some adopt it to enhance the core strategy for staff development. Every company has its own reason for using this strategy. If mentoring and coaching are well designed and implemented, then the business can look forward to a better and motivated workforce, one that is ever ready to meet the ever-increasing business challenges.

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The Third Theme for our Symposium is “Strategies for Continuous Learning through Coaching / Mentoring ”...
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