Best Friend vs True Friends

Topics: Friendship, 2006 albums, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: January 16, 2012
We keep hearing that friends play an important role in our life. So do best friends, they are  vital in our life as we spend surfeit of our time with them. The real subject that I would like to stress here is who’s actually your best friend and who’s actually your true friend?

Who’s actually your true friends? I believe that family is your true friend. They’re the people that you can trust the most. They know you the best as they know your true colour. There’s a saying goes “True friend is someone who knows all about you but like you anyway”. Try to question yourself,who’s the one that will always be by your side when you’re in trouble, who will be the one that will find out the way to solve your problem, who will be the happiest one to see you success, who will lend you shoulder to be soggy by your tears? It’s your family, no matter how bad or troubled you are, your family will always stay by yourself. However, I’m not trying to deny that there’s no true friend among your best friends. But, to tell the truth, it’s arduous to find kind of true friend in best friends. If you have one, do appreciate and keep holding him/her, never thought to let go the precious tie as ” True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.”

Who’s your best friends? What can I say here is that best friend is a mirror that reflect yourself. As you can see how your best friend behaves then, you’ll find out your real attitude. By having a best friend, it’s the best feeling ever that you’ll experience in your life. Best friend is someone that attached to you. You might realize that you spend most of your time with someone name best friend. Why? It is because usually best friend is someone who has the most common things as you are whether in way of living, way of thinking or anything that make you feel cozy to snuggle him/her more. You do most of your best-loved activities and interest with your best friend. When you’re sad, they’ll try their best...
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