Best Friend Versus Enemy

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Best Friends and Enemy

In our society, relationships between people are very important part in life. Goran Stojanoy once said, “Once should always take care when making a choice of a friend as the friends are the ones you pick by yourself.” Also, friends come and go, but with some special people they stay in our life forever. In life we spend approximately 30% of our time socializing with people, making friends is one of the process. It depends on the person who is trying to be friends with you, depends on their gender, depends on their age but most important thing we look at is their personality and this step could make the person become your best friends or your enemy. I’ve never really had an enemy before until I started my life here, in Vancouver. Let’s just say my head wasn’t really clear, wasn’t really know them before I made friend with her. I thought it was a good friendship at first, but then all my other friends start telling me do not make friends with her, guess she was so over me and her actions made my friends and me repulsed. Not for a while I started hearing news about she spread rumors behind my back the first thought pop into my head was “That back stabing little bitch.” Seeing her I normally feel disgusted. Unlike her my best friend would never say bad things about me neither would I and I won’t allow others to do that. On the other hand, seeing my best friend puts me in a better and happier mood. I have a lot in common with my best friend maybe that is why both of us get to be our-self when we are around each other and here I quote “You’re just like me, you crazy.” Best friend is very supportive and open minded! You always can share your secrets to her/ him and find interests in lots of thing if you find yourself and your enemy has same interests you would just feel disgusted and probably hates it that might causes you and your enemy disagree on anything. One example --- feeling, sometimes when best friends fight nobody won’t be real mad...
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