Best Friend Tag

Topics: Love, Friendship, What Would You Do? Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: February 20, 2013
What�s your best friend�s name? Erika||
When is their birthday? 8 junio ||
Where was this person born? Venezuela||
How old are they? 16||
How long have you been friends? 5 años ||
Do you love them? Yessss♥||
Does this person love you? I hope so!||
Do you care about them? Of course!||
Do they care about you? I think she does!||
Would you die for them? Estemmmm wut?!||
Do you think they would die for you? I don’t think so!||
What exactly would you go threw for them?id catch a grenade for her and set fire to the rain! || Could you live without them? Noooo!!:(||
Why do they mean a lot to you?yesss!||
Why is this person your best friend? Yes!! ||
What would you do if this person said they never wanted to talk to u again? Cry! And die in my freezer|| Do you trust them? Of courseeee!||
Do they trust you? I hope so!||
Can you tell them anything? Yes!||
What is their favorite colour? Pink:) ||
What is their favorite movie?idk:( ||
Who is their favorite person? Herself! ||
Who is your favorite person? Me! And Justin♥||
Is this person smart? Yes! ||
Have you ever kissed them? No!||
Have they ever kissed you? Never!||
Do you love them�or are you IN love with them? Both ;) winky pervy sexy face || Have they ever hated you? Idk!||
Have you ever hated them? Never!||
Do you guys talk a lot on the phone? Not a lot but yeah!||
Are they annoyed by you? I hope not!||
Are you annoyed by them? Nottt!||
Would you marry them? Not really.. hahaha||
Is this person pretty? Yesss!!||
What�s their best feature? Her whole self!||
What do you love about them? That shes sweet:)||
What cant you stand about them? That she lives too far away!!|| Out of you two, who can sing better? Her of course!||
If they died tomorrow, what would you do? DIE! ||
If you could tell them anything in this world, what would you say? Idk!:(|| Do they have myspace? No!||
If so, what is it? She doesn’t!||
Are you on their top friends? We don’t have myspace!||
Where? No yspce!||
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