Best Friend Poetry

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Not There
I stare at you across the room I see your warming face I try to see the inside you hide Your feelings I try to embrace I realize as I look at you As I just sit and stare I can see you perfectly clear But for some reason you're not there I see your eyes, I see your face But yet I can not see Your loving inside that you had I can't see your personality I realize how much that you have changed How you don't seem to care I stare at you across the room But yet you are not there

I knew someday it would have to end I knew eventually I would have to go back to calling you friend It's killing me that now that day has come If it's for the best then where is this pain from I know deep inside that this is what I had to do but it's breaking my heart to walk away from you I'm trying my best to appear strong but it's hard when part of me says that in your arms is where I belong I still love you with all my heart that's not going to change even though we're apart You were my first love and my first kiss There are so many of our special times I'm going to miss All the words I ever said or wrote still hold true But for now from a distance is where I'll be loving you I think you need me as a friend to help you through because there are things I can't control that are hurting you We both have issues no one knows of neither of us had the strength to be true to our love Maybe we will be together again if it was meant to be but for now please don't stop loving me Even though I'm not your girlfriend I'll still be here With a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear The story of love can be quicker than the blink of an eye But our story of won't love be over until the day that we die Until We Meet Again

I'm not sure if you know or not But I really do love you a lot. You still hold a special place in my heart And you did, right from the start. But when she came along and took your breath away, I was devastated and didn't know what to say. I spend my nights crying,...
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