Best Friend

Topics: Truth, Thought, English-language films Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Devon Brown
Ms. Reinhardt
10 March 2013
Best Friend Material
“Someone who is your best friend can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.” People come and go but there is nothing like a best friend. Characteristics may vary for that close friend. A best friend is a person that is always loyal and truthful. In terms, those close friend people consider their best friend are not messy and they are nice. Most of all they are trustworthy. To start off, if someone is looking for a best friend, they need to look for that person being loyal and truthful. To be loyal means keeping your word. Things said that is gone be done should be done. Staying truthful is probably the biggest aspect that should be looked for in a friend. Truthfulness brings trust to the relationship. Always being straight up and truthful keeps a relationship strong and long.

Furthermore, a best friend would be friendly. A bad attitude and questionable actions are some of the biggest concerns. Someone with a bad attitude should not be friend material. Bad attitudes do not do anything but bring mess and conflicts into a relationship. Questionable actions are actions that you have to think twice about. If someone does something that is thought of twice in your mind, then that person should not be associated with.

Last but not least, a best friend should be trustworthy. Secrets and personal business should always be trusted with someone that is called a best friend. There should not be any lies or secrets in the relationship because it will cause it to fail. People that are “best friend” should stay truthful to each other. A person needs to be able to trust someone outside their family and not be worried about that person either telling or back stabbing.

In conclusion, best friends are needed in someone’s life. That friend is someone that you or anybody else can be their self with. Always remember to look for truthfulness and being trustworthy....
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