best fit and best practice in HRM

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In the today world Human resource management is so important to manage human than early time .It plays vital role for organization how they recruit highly motivated and competent employee. To sustain competitive advantage over the organization as we know managing human is difficult task so that to fulfill this need we need professional HR manager .Managing human resources depends upon both external and organizational environment. . The genesis of Human resource management was originated from people management to personnel management in late eighties. Late eighties was time of industrial revolution in UK. With the rise of industrial revolution, the emergence of trade union started .emergence of trade union was main reason for development for people management .The scientific management was prioritized by the industry instead of haphazard picking of labor .Now organization started providing skills and training to their workers. In nineties this people management was transformed in HRM. The HRM was very vital force for all Japanese manufactures to capture western market. The theoretical approach of human resource management now taking consideration in context of taking competitive advantage of organization this led to how an organization use their technical and best human resources to compete the current market scenario. Faculty and alumni of Harvard business school first proposed the model of HRM which was known as the Harvard Model of HRM. This was first time then intellectual think to consider HRM for management students In contrast to theoretical assumption, the practical studies also reflect that there was significant change in the practice of managing people in modern organization. These countries focus more empowerment, teamwork and commitment. Substantial data reflect the evidence of new practices implemented in organization to achieve performance. Best practices in human resource management are in universalistic in nature .They are independent on context and internal factors .These practices are applied to better organizational performance. Researcher identifies different HR practice which leads to better organizational performance and competitive advantage through people. These practice are classified into employment security, selective recruitment, self managed team, high pay contingent on company performance, extensive training, reduction of status differential and sharing of information. These all practices are called high performance work practices. These practices were applied by US organization to enhance productivities and financial performance. HRM is now become argument among various critics. In some case and context HRM practices are not relevant for growth of organization .On the other hand, radical critics have pointed out that the specific HR practices are in varied in nature in some context. Then there was argument about the best fit model which can also have individualistic approach for performance.s

There is big debate upon the model for HR practices .Universalistic approach of HR is based on ideal pattern of leadership which is fit for all the situation and it is universal in nature and it applied all over the world to enhance the performance of organization .In contingency approach is more powerful for defining the concrete action of task, this means that it is best fit approach to enhance the organizational performance. Human resource management has been supported by the best practices and HIM (high involvement management that guarantee the high performance of organization. But some of the theories show that best fit also feasible to achieve best organizational performance .there is great rivalry between best fit and best practices. In resent discussion more focused upon the best practices that focus upon the high commitment and involvement. These practices involve job flexibility, low differential status, team working contrary to past traditional methods. These all factors are more...

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