best day of my life

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The best day in my life Many people have their own best days in their life. For me, the day I visited my uncle in Singapore was my best day. My uncle is a diplomat in Singapore. That year was the first year that my uncle worked there, so he suggested my family to visit his house in Singapore and in the following summer vacation .(space)So my family decided to visit his house. When we arrived Singapore airport. I found that it was very hot(no-space). My uncle was waiting at the gate to pick us up. When we arrived at his house, we met aunt and their children. His house was really big. It was the big villa. Few hours later, my uncle took us to visit the Night Safari. It was very exciting. It was the first time for me to visit Night Safari. All animals live in the zoo without the grille. The staff drove the car and we saw the animals in the car. There are 130 species animals. After visiting all of animals we saw the show. The next day we went to the beach. We camped there and I saw so many Chinese in there. On the beaches, there were some water sports we can enjoy. We were so excited at some water sports and we enjoyed it by paying some fee. I still can't forget the feeling still now. A few hours later, we bought some meat for barbecue. My cousin Ella recommended some foods to us to try. The food I ate was rice noodle. It is different from the Chinese rice noodles. It was so delicious. At night, my aunt brought us to visit Marina Bay Sands. There are casinos, opera, art museum(no-space), science museum, exhibition centre and banquet hall .
This was two years ago and still now, I can't forget the day I spent in Singapore with my family. I hope I could visit again later.

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