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DE 116 Assignments #1
1. The marketing concept is based on an understanding that a sale is depended on a customer’s decision to purchase a product to meet an unsatisfied need. Marketing is a process that concentrates on not just selling products, services, or ideas but also on delivering value and the utmost benefit to customers. The basic ideas underlying the marketing concept are first; Focusing on customer wants and needs so that the organization can distinguish its offerings from those of other competitors. Second, integrating all the organization’s activities, including production, to satisfy customer’s wants. Most importantly, to achieve long-term goals for the organization by satisfying customers wants and needs legally and responsibly. The marketing concept emerged through a buyer’s market because it is the customer’s choice. It depends on a customer’s decision to purchase a product that will meet an unsatisfied need, not so much an aggressive sales force. In today’s competitive market, the key to success is to please the customer consistently. The societal marketing orientation took this one step further by not only to satisfy customer’s wants and needs and to meet organizational objectives but also to preserve or enhance the society’s best interests in the long-run. The societal marketing orientation believes that businesses should market products that are less toxic; contain reusable materials and more durable than the norm. For example, the 2010 winter Olympic medals contained metal from recycled TV’s, computers and keyboards.

2. Organization’s focus is focusing on selling what an organization makes, rather than making what the market pleases. The five main elements in a company’s organizational focus to be successful are: (1) Customer Value: The relationship between benefits and the sacrifice necessary to obtain those benefits. A high quality product that is available only at a high price will not be perceived as good value, for example, the new IPhone 4S, a product that is the latest of the apple IPhone releases. A customer 90 percent of the time would not pay for the high cost of the 4S instead would take the lower model IPhone 4 for a more affordable cost, while still receiving the same perks as the 4S would offer. (2) Customer Satisfaction: A customer’s evaluation of the quality of good or service, the customer evaluates on whether the good or service has met the customer’s needs and expectations. Many good organizations focus on delighting the customers rather than on selling products. (3) Building Relationships: The best companies view new-customer attraction as the launching point for developing and enhancing a long-term relationship. Building good relationships with existing customers will keep them coming back. Business customers will prefer to keep an ongoing relationship with one organization than to switch continually among providers in their search for value. West-Jet is a good example of this because it is a customer first environment, first time flyers of West Jet generally choose West-Jet as their preferred airline because of their world-class service and friendly staff. (4) Empowerment: Empowerment gives customers the feeling that their concerns are being addressed and gives employees the feeling that their expertise matters. The result is greater satisfaction for both customers and employees. Employees develop ownership attitudes when they are treated like part owners of the business and are expected to act the part. (5) Teamwork: When people in the same work group support and assist each other and when they emphasize cooperation instead of competition, improvements are seen in job performance, product value, and customer satisfaction. Performance is also enhanced when people from a variety of departments in the organization join together to form cross-functional teams with the shared objective of enhancing customer needs.

3. The restructured firm will be a...
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