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It depends on each individual. However, there are some general guides: The law states that the age where a man can get married is from 20, and that the age where a woman can get married is from 18. At these age, everybody is physically and spychologically old enough to give birth, to bring up and to take care of their children. Moreover, their general knowledge about life is pretty enough for them to live on their own.  However, those are not the best ages since a couple needs a stable job to make enough money for their living and to support the family. They also have to be mature in their thought, to have the ability to think by themselves, to make their own decisions, to face difficulties and to solve problems. Thus, I think they should be at least 23 when getting married.  In general, a person graduates from university (or other schools) is about 22, they’ll get a job at about 23. They need some more years to build up experiences, to save money, to strengthen their relationship with others and their positions in work. That is, the best age for men is 30 or so, for women is 28 or so. In short, at this stage, they have got a good background of life, good enough to be independent.

Yes! I agree with you. It depends on each person. But the difficult problem is money and positions in work. Nowadays, as i see many people graduate from university/college to be get married, although their life is not stable. I think, it 's not good for them, they should have some more years to build up their conditions and have abilities to think and solves somethings.

And, this is a social problems that women and men should think about it before to be decide to get married. For a man is 28-30 and woman is 25-27 is the best ( as my opinion ). In this stage they have got experiences, good background in their life and they enough knowledges for preparing to find a half of his/her life.  In my opinion, nowadays, the best age to marry is twenty-seven years old.  Firstly, after one...
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