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26 September 2014

BESR Bats Should Be Legal
Just because baseball players are getting hurt, doesn’t mean you have to change the bats. Baseball bats that were BESR (Ball- Exit- Speed- Ratio) were legal to use until baseball officially realized that too many baseball players, especially pitchers, were getting injured. As a result, baseball officials made a bat that had less trampoline effect called BBCOR (Batted- Ball- Coefficient- of- Restitution). BBCOR made bats more similar to wood bats.

BBCOR made a big impact in the baseball world. If you could hit a ball 375 feet with a BESR, the BBCOR bat will reduce that to 320- 330 feet. That could be a difference from a homerun and a double. They banned composite BESR bats to increase safety. People might say, “Yes it increased safety and the BBCOR’s should stay in baseball today.” But, what people don’t see is that players are still getting injured. Hitting the pitcher is most common in baseball today because coaches teach their players to hit the ball up the middle of the field. The closest person to the batter that is standing in the middle of the field is the pitcher, and he is standing sixty feet, six inches away from the batter.

Second in 2011, they banned BESR bats forever. Between the two years, (2009-2011), composite bats were not allowed to be used. Only aluminum bats were legal to use. Aluminum bats were less powerful than composite bats, but better than BBCOR bats. If you were caught using a composite bat, you would be an automatic out. Even if you hit a homerun, the umpire would call you out.

The baseball officials made it easier for umpire to read the new BBCOR bats by putting a logo of the side of the barrel. They made the logo not easy to duplicate, so no one could trace it on an illegal bat. Today, they still make composite bats, but not as powerful as they were before. The BBCOR composite bats have more trampoline effect than an aluminum BBCOR bat.

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