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Unit Plan

Unit Code: BES3500
Unit title: Business Capstone
Year: 2015
Study Mode:International

Lecturer Information




Consultation arrangements

Table of Contents

Lecturer Information1
Unit Overview3
Learning outcomes3
Graduate attributes3
English language proficiency3
Teaching and learning4
Contacting your lecturer4
Online discussion5
Adobe Connect5
Email protocol5
Communication expectations5
Other readings6
Study schedule1
Assessment Information3
Assessment 1 - Presentation3
Assessment 2 – Case Study4
Assessment 3 – Crowd Funding Project OR Mentor Program4
Requesting an Extension on an Assignment5
ECU Student Charter7
Academic misconduct (including plagiarism)7
Unit and Teaching Evaluation (UTEI)7
UTEI dates for Semesters 1 & 2, 20158

Unit Overview
This unit expands upon students’ interdisciplinary learning and earlier Business Edge units. It further develops student knowledge and skills in critical thinking, problem solving, initiative and enterprise and social responsibility through evaluating authentic business scenarios using established business principles and acumen. The unit operates as a capstone unit whereby knowledge, skills and understanding gained from the program are applied in depth and researched and developed through active, experiential and reflective learning using various problem-solving techniques and a range of tools to aid decision-making. Learning outcomes

In this unit, you will be learning to:
1. Apply critical thinking, both conceptualization and evaluation, to a range of business scenarios and issues; 2. Develop initiative and enterprise using problem-solving skills in a business context; 3. Incorporate personal ethics and social responsibility into business analysis and decision making and; 4. Work effectively with others through social intelligence and by applying skills in task collaboration, conflict resolution, negotiation and cultural and diversity awareness;  and synthesizing portfolio elements to prepare students for graduate job applications. Graduate attributes

Graduate attributes help to build your capacity to engage in professional practice and become a lifelong learner when you graduate. In this unit, you will be developing your: 1. ability to communicate

2. ability to work in teams
3. critical appraisal skills
4. ability to generate ideas
5. cross cultural and international outlook
English language proficiency
To assist our students to graduate with competent levels of English language proficiency, ECU has developed an ELP Strategy (English Language Proficiency). This strategy focuses on supporting you with development of your written English skills while studying at ECU, to enhance your professionalism and employability when you graduate.

The ELP Measure is an assessment of your written English skills, to ensure you receive feedback on your written English language proficiency at various stages in your course. You will receive feedback on your ELP when you submit an ECU Assignment Cover Sheet with your assessments. Page 2 of this cover sheet has an ELP marking guide, designed to give you an indication of your skill development. Teaching and learning

The teaching and learning approach in both the oncampus and online version of this unit is aligned. The intention is to ensure that you have a rich and engaging learning experience incorporating both face to face and independent learning. There is no stipulated textbook, rather there are a selection of suggested readings and other resources to assist you with developing your understanding of the content. You will also need to draw upon your own knowledge, opinions and discussions with other students. Working with other students is a valuable learning experience and one that is encouraged in the unit. It is...
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