Bernoullis Theorem

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Energy, Force, Kinetic energy, Fluid mechanics, Potential energy / Pages: 3 (725 words) / Published: Jan 29th, 2013
CHAPTER 1 In modern world of technological advancement, there are a lot of applications that are used every day. For example, an airplane relies on Bernoulli’s Principle to generate lift on its wings. Rare cars employ the velocity and pressure dynamics specified by Bernoulli’s Principle to keep their rare wheels on the ground, even while zooming off at high speed. It is successfully employed in mechanism like the carburetor and the atomizer. The study focuses on Bernoulli’s Theorem in Fluid Application. A fluid is any substance which when acted upon by a shear force, however small, cause a continuous or unlimited deformation, but at a rate proportional to the applied force. As a matter of fact, if a fluid is moving horizontally along a streamline, the increase in speed can be explained due the fluid that moves from a region of high pressure to a lower pressure region and so with the inverse condition with the decrease in speed. Bernoulli’s Principle complies with the principle of conservation of energy. In a steady Flow, at all points of the streamline of a flowing fluid is the sum of all forms of mechanical energy along a streamline. It was first derived by the Swiss Mathematician Daniel Bernoulli; the theorem states that when a fluid flows from one place to another without friction, its total energy (kinetic+ potential+ pressure) remains constant. Many of schools, academies or universities cannot provide their student an equipment which can help them in understanding fluid dynamics. They don’t have a “hands on” environment which can develop their knowledge and theoretical concepts. Our Bernoulli’s Apparatus which is an instructional material purposes will provide for those interested viewer and learners a demonstration of related Bernoulli’s Theorem takes into effect. Our research topic is available in any related articles or references. We have uncounted number of books and internet site shows a situation of more innovative projects.


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