Bernito Mussolini Short Biography

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Benito Mussolini Biography 1922 – 1943

Benito Mussolini was a fascist Italian dictator. He was head of the Italian government for 21 years (1922 to 1943). Mussolini didn’t care much about the people and mistreated them he only cared about his opponents. He also led Italy into three wars. He was overthrown by the people of Italy in the third war.

Benito Mussolini was the son of a blacksmith born in Dovia di Predppio (North West Italy) July 29th 1883. His mother, Rosa, was an elementary school teacher and his father, Alessandro, was a follower of socialism. He attended school and was expelled for stabbing another student. Mussolini wasn’t the best of student, he was violent and was unwilling to learn. Though he was intelligent, he even received a diploma and taught at a secondary school for a period. In 1900, Mussolini became a member of the Socialist Party. He was well admired and skilled in his articles and speeches in favor of a revolution, he was labor leader and editor. In 1902, Mussolini fled to Switzerland to escape military service. Mussolini returned to Italy in 1904. By 1912 he was in the Socialist Party Congress and was the editor for their daily newspaper.

In 1914 Benito Mussolini changed from the Socialist Party to join Italian middle class. Mussolini created his own newspaper known as ‘Popolo d’Italia he backed up this newspaper with his independent Fascists. He became the extreme middle-class youth spokesman, the Italian working class weren’t happy with this. Later that year his newspaper was backed by a second movement called the Revolutionary Fascists’. His third movement was after the war in 1918, it was called the Constituted Fascists, it failed. In 1919 Mussolini was defeated when he ran for office. Mussolini would rise again in 1919 as he stared another movement ‘Fighting Fascists’ this won the Italian youth. By 1921 Mussolini was head of 35 fascist deputies and created and lead the National Fascist Party which had over 250,000

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