Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Topics: Marie Antoinette, Sphinx, Affair of the Diamond Necklace Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: April 6, 2006
"This critical circle is not close enough to the stage to see the actors' faces and catch the subtler by play" (Fitzgerald 1). The metaphor of the Dance sets up a critical underlying theme of the story. The youth

The metaphor at the beginning of the "But, after all, this critical circle is not close enough to the stage to see the actors' faces and catch the subtler byplay" that from a distance one cannot properly judge the kids. By comparing the youth to actors explains that the people are playing a role inorder to project an image to others.

The girls act the whole time trying to reflect an image of something they are not. Margarie who appears to be perfect from the outside, has her act down to a tee. Everything is thought out from what she says, to what she wears, is thought out.

Bernice decides to confront Marjorie in the kitchen the morning after hearing her lash out about her to her mother. The reader has insight to how shocked Marjorie will be after realizing she is caught when Fitzgerald sets up the scene with "Bernice paused before she threw her hand-grenade". Marjorie is trapped and Bernice's words are like a bomb exploding in the air shattering the silence. "Marjorie never giggled, was never frightened, seldom embarrassed" (Fitzgerald 4) and was now not about to admit she was wrong in how she spoke of her cousin. Marjorie is able to remain composed showing accentuating the proficiency of her acting ability. "Marjorie was startled, but she showed only a faintly heightened color" (Fitzgerald 6) not giving Bernice the satisfaction she came in seeking. Bernice uses this information as a weapon against Marjorie hoping to evoke sympathy and pity from her cousin. This same poise and control is not shown by Bernice whose "lower lip was trembling violently". Bernice does not know how to act and this shows by how obviously hurt and affected she was by her cousin's words. Bernice continues on by saying "I guess I'd beer go back to Eau...
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