Bermingham International Airport Case Study

Topics: Management, Operations management, Task Pages: 4 (1596 words) Published: May 21, 2014
Q1: Key functions of operations management at the airport: At BIA, the arrival and departure terminals re always flooded with thousands of passengers at any time. In summers, the number goes up to 30000 at peak load times. Therefore, a set of standardized procedures and practices are established in order to facilitate the customer without any delays. The operations management department works in coalition with many other domains such as security management system, terminal management domain, the land transportation department, MTO (mechanical transport) and so on. The operations management staff have o responsibly complete their tasks in time. The operations managers are partially responsible for planning part also. Every day is not the same at the airport. If some emergency situations occur, or some unforeseen circumstances hit the arena of the airport, the operational managements system has to be at the site of incident and disposal of service of customers. The main responsibility of the operational managers is to handle the on - site operations related to the activities of the runway and as soon as you exit the lounge exit door and head towards the air craft. The operational managers have to specifically schedule the standing slots allocated differently for each of the aircraft. They need to plan the change in standing slots for the aircrafts and keep on revising and updating the schedule as one aircraft leaves and the other comes in. Considering a 30 minutes time slot, around 20 aircrafts are regulated of arrival and departure flights so one can imagine how crucial that 30 minutes would be and how critically fool proof planning is required to streamline every activity. Operational management staff has to clear the runway when the unexpected snowfall or rainfall strikes the runway. The staff has to have certain back up contingency plans so that if one plan would not work, there has to be other on the back end, to avoid any discrepancy on run time. The...
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