Berlin, Germany Research Report

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Berlin, Germany

Tourism Development Plan

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Research Abstract 3
Germany At-A-Glance4
Berlin Tourism Overview4
Leisure Side of Berlin5
Business Side of Berlin6
Branding the City8
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Research Abstract
Located in the northeast, Berlin is the capital city of Germany as well as one of its sixteen states. With a population of over 3.4 million people, Berlin is Germany’s largest city. Berlin’s economy is primarily based on the service sector. Furthermore, it serves as a continental hub for air and rail transport and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the European Union. Several Fortune Global 500 companies are headquartered in Berlin including Siemens, Sony Music, BMW, and Bayer Schering Pharma. As young domestic and international artists continue to settle in the city, Berlin has established itself as a center of youth and popular culture in Europe. From the highly eclectic array of architecture and buildings to the 175 museums, Berlin has positioned itself to be highly regarded as a popular tourism destination. Berlin is among the top three convention cities in the world and is home to Europe's biggest convention center in the form of the Internationales Congress Centrum (ICC), which highly contributes to the rapidly increasing tourism sector. The city numbers an estimated eighteen million overnight hotel stays and over 130 million daily visitors per year. Furthermore, Berlin has established a high profile reputation as a host city of international sporting events. Berlin hosted the 1936 Olympics and was the host city for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final. Germany's largest city is a land of opportunities waiting to be seized in areas as wide and diverse as media and entertainment, culture, research and development, and science and industry. Tourism is perhaps the key growth sector right now, boosted by high-profile events such as the football World Cup, as mentioned before. Another driving force is information and communication technology, serving an increasingly computer-literate population. Other growth areas include software development, marketing, advertising, and law services. In recent years, however, the German economy has weakened, in part due to foreign competition, technophobia, and high wages. Tourism in a country can be both an economic blessing and an environmental curse. But as consumer interest in 'green' getaways grows, the travel industry and tourism organizations are putting the spotlight on sustainability. Berlin is home to one of the largest tourism trade fairs, created by ITB Berlin. The combination of trade exhibition, public exhibition and the biggest professional convention worldwide attracts tens of thousands of visitors, exhibitors and media representatives every year. As the host country, Berlin is actively engaging itself in the green project by working to open up natural areas to tourism without damaging sensitive ecosystems. The European Destinations of Excellence, or EDEN project, encourages countries to adopt healthy and sustainable tourism policies. In Germany, some 50 million people visit national parks each year, yet those spaces represent just a small fraction of the country's protected areas. Berlin has learned to take its long and interesting history in the past and use it to establish itself as a sightseeing destination. Through its unique sustainable tourism initiatives, the city has reversed its old negative connotation to become one of the most visited destinations in` the world. Germany At-A-Glance

With more than 133 million visitors each year, Germany is ranked as the seventh most visited travel destination worldwide. Further, Germany is rated to be one of the safest travel destinations in the world and ranks as the third most travelled country in Europe. Germany has been named the world’s most valued nation among fifty countries in 2008 and is recognized as the most positive influence in the world in...
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