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“A General Overview on Berger Paint Bangladesh Limited”

Executive summery

There are a large number of multi-national companies operating their businesses in Bangladesh. Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is one of them. In fact, it is one of the leading multi-national companies in our country. Almost since the early inception of Bangladesh, it has been here with a view to produce high quality standard paints. In the year 1973 it became the first ever multi- national company in Bangladesh to start its operations in the painting industry.

With the passage of time over the last 30 years, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited has expanded with rapid growth and became Bangladesh’s leading painting company. Berger is already the number one company in the world in the painting industry. Now it is a great achievement on its part to become the leader of the painting industry in Bangladesh. It has also played a significant role in terms of contribution to the economy in the form of tax revenue.

Until 1990, business practice of the Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. Was very much conservative in terms of market presence. In 1993, marketing department started. Thereafter Berger has been growing very rapidly in terms of market share and sales growth. In 1994, just after the year of launching marketing department, sales growth was 34%. Berger is enjoying 48% share of the total paint market and established itself as the champion of the market through its commitment, offering the most quality paint and providing the maximum value for customers’ money, to the customers.

Chapter: 1


Background of study:
We selected ´´Berger paints Bangladesh Limited`` because today’s world is fashion world and peoples are more interest in new technology, fashionable color and also new scientific methods. Increase industries and buildings and peoples less knowledge to differentiate paints and painting system are the main reason for us to choose this topic.

We have done this report after we set out some of our objectives. Those objectives are stated bellow- To know the present situation of Berger paint Bangladesh Limited. To reduce the knowledge gap of ours.

To know the evolution of Berger paint.
Economic impact on Berger paint in Bangladesh
To know social and other development impact of Berger paint in Bangladesh. To know distribution channel of Berger paint in Bangladesh.
To know the real business environment
To know how the theory is apply in Business

Scope of survey:
We have collected our information’s about “BERGER PAINTS BANGLADESH LIMITED” by physically visiting the office of the BERGER PAINTS BANGLADESH LIMITED at Uttara. Which is our selected company for the project and also we have collected information’s by browsing the net.

This Methodology covered two types of data, which are:
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Primary Data: Face to face conversation with the respective persons of Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. is the source of primary Data. Secondary Data: Going through different documents and papers developed by the company personnel or others and published materials in the online are the sources of secondary data.

Limitation of this report is the organization is relevant to disclose certain data and information for obvious reasons, which could be very much useful. 20-25 days is a short time for us to analyst this exactly without creating problem our others schedule. lack of practical experience

We tried heart & soul to make this report a successful one. Despite our valiant try their may be some information which are missing. But we believe despite all these facts this report will satisfy the readers.

Chapter: 2
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