Bereavement Support for Older Adults

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Running Head: Bereavement Support for Older Adults

Six Session Group: Bereavement Support for Older Adults

Bereavement Support for Older Adults

To create a safe environment for people to express his or her feelings of grief which will hopefully enable them to reconcile his or her loss and begin to reinvest in life by learning through educational support, coping tools in the absence of a loved one

Group Goals/Objectives:
To foster self-awareness, healing, new friends, sense of community, support of others, education about grief and learning coping skills through psycho-educational approach. Our goal is to not stop the pain or forget about the loved one but to help members live with the loved memory in a way that doesn’t cause pain.

Bereavement Support for Older Adults
I. Group Rationale
A. Grief is the emotional reaction to a significant loss
II. Target Population
A. Older Adults
a. Bereavement

III. Summary
A. Mrs. Moore

IV. Group Structure & Screening

V. Length of Group

VI. Theories & Techniques
A. reminiscence model framework
B. Writing/ Journaling
C. Art
VII. Leadership Style/Skills
A. Democratic
a. Caring,
b. Empathetic
B. Excellent Communication

VIII. Evaluation/Conclusion
Bereavement Support for Older Adults
Golden Grief Counseling agency is a bereavement agency that offers services on general grief and loss support group several times throughout the year at various locations in Central Florida. The group typically meets one day a week for about six consecutive weeks. This is a free group, but registration and prescreening evaluation is required to determine the appropriateness of participants to try and obtain group cohesion. All groups will be based on Homogeneity To be eligible to participate potential members must be at least 69 years of age; 3 or 4 months or more after the loss of a loved one(however, some participants may want to join sooner and Golden Grief Counseling agency will respect a bereaved participant interests in joining the group based on his or her personal grief journey. Golden Grief Counseling agency certainly realizes what works for one person may not be suitable for the next. 1. Group Rationale:

Grief is the emotional reaction to a significant loss, such as the death of a loved one (bereavement) or no longer being independent with activities of daily living. People may use the words “sorrow” and “heartache” to describe feelings of grief(Bonifas,2010) Whether an individual loses a beloved person, an animal, place or object, or a valued way of life, such as a job, marriage or good health, some level of grief will naturally follow (Bonifas,2010) For this support group, the focus was on bereavement. Bereavement support groups are increasingly being recognized as an effective way to promote healing through education and support after the loss of a loved one or close friend (Steinberg, 2012). Although support groups

Bereavement Support for Older Adults
do not fully resolve grief, particularly when they are time limited, but they can promote acceptance that life will be different and that life will be okay and hopeful (Steinberg, 2012) 2. Target Population/Intake:

The target population for this proposal is adults 69 years or older due to the transition of becoming a senior adult, the experience can be a greater struggle simply by a person stage of life (Senior Citizen’s Guide, 2013). 3 Selections of Members

All potential participants were prescreened by an approved facilitator as to their appropriateness for the group. It is important for each participant to understand the purpose and goals of the group in order to support a positive group experience for all parties involved. 4. Group Structure:

The group is intended to be primarily psycho-educational and change oriented group. The main activities of the sessions...
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