Beowulf vs. Superman

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Beowulf vs. Superman

People have always imagined, created legend, or told campfire stories. These are humanities imaginary examples of "perfect heroes." One example of a perfect hero is the legendary hero, Beowulf. A more modern example of this idea of a "perfect hero" is the comic book creation, Superman, who is featured in Alex Ross' edition of Kingdom Come. Both of these heroes are quite similar, but only in the idea that they're both "perfect heroes." Yet, once they are examined in categories other than this, they seem quite different. Some of these differences are, the types of superhuman abilities, the reason that they fight evil, and the evils that they fight.

The hero Beowulf has but one superhuman ability, super strength that is greater than any other man in the world. While Superman, because the era in which he was created, has many more superpowers, super strength, heat vision, and super speed. The two heroes are the greatest of their times, but because of the technology people have been exposed to, their powers are very different.

Anglo-Saxon people, the people who created the character Beowulf, didn't believe in an afterlife, so they believed that the only way to live on after death, was to leave a legacy behind. This is the reason Beowulf fights, to let his name be carries on. Superman on the other hand, comes from a society that holds a primarily Christian belief. So now our hero finds a reason besides legacy. For the sake of doing good. Both heroes' creation was based on the beliefs of the society that created them

The last field on which these two great heroes will be compared is by the evils that they fight. Beowulf came from a time where people were superstitious and believed in monsters and beasts. Thus Beowulf fights a slobbering, slithering beast named Grendel. Superman when first formed came from a society at peace. Much more civilized, catching bank robbers and diamond thieves was on his list of foes at the beginning of his days

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