Beowulf: From Paganism To Christianity
Topics: Beowulf, Grendel, Christianity, Epic poetry, Hero, Paganism / Pages: 3 (626 words) / Published: Sep 25th, 2017

Beowulf takes place during the period of time in which the Anglo-Saxons began to convert from Paganism to Christianity. Due to this major change there is controversy on whether or not Beowulf himself identifies as a Pagan or Christian. However, Beowulf does express the beliefs of both. Unlike the Pagans, he expresses love for his people, but also demonstrates his capabilities of being a fierce warrior. Throughout the poem, he displays that both Paganism and Christianity influence his values such as love and warfare to make up his cultural identity.
One aspect of Beowulf’s cultural identity includes strong overtones of Christianity. One of the main aspects of Christianity is love, so when Beowulf expresses love for his fellow people he demonstrates his Christian roots. An example of Beowulf’s love happens early in the story when he arrives in the land of the Thanes: “‘We are retainers from Hygelac’s band Beowulf is my name… I am ready and willing to report my errand’” (Heaney 352-357). Beowulf arrives in a foreign land to deal with one of their own issues. He risks his life sailing far away from home to fight a ferocious monster. He goes anyway because his father had once helped them, and like any good Christian he repays them to be equal. Not only does he pay back the favor, but he assists the Thanes more by
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Beowulf expresses his backgrounds to both cultures throughout the story. To verify his Pagan heritage, he demonstrates the traits of a Pagan warrior. He also shows his Christian influences by loving the fellow people of his time. When someone hears the term “Anglo-Saxon,” people think either Pagan or Christian. Because of the time period Beowulf takes place in, he identifies with both religions. Beowulf exhibits the aspects of two cultures to exude the complexity of his cultural

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