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Beowulf Epic Battle Graphic Organizer
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01.02 Epic Battle Graphic Organizer
As you read through the excerpts of Beowulf, pay careful attention to each character's actions. Ask yourself, “What do these actions tell me about the character?" Record your observations and supporting evidence from the text in the graphic organizers provided. Include at least five observations for each character. The notes you record will help you answer the questions during the assessment at the end of this lesson. Part A Grendel
Monstrous Actions
Text Support Capturing some of the men and taking them back to his lair “In the hall-building grand to entrap and make way with:” Grendel stomping angrily into the hall with his eyes burning like fire? Grendel as he prepares to make the first move in his attack “Strode he angrily; from the eyes of him glimmered/ A lustre unlovely likest to fire.” This scene shows Grendel eating noble men in a very grotesque way “he quickly laid hold of A soldier asleep, suddenly tore him,
Bit his bone-prison, the blood drank in currents,
Swallowed in mouthfuls: he soon had the dead man's
Feet and hands, too, eaten entirely..” Shows grendel fleeing and how he got hurt Grendel from thenceward
Must flee and hide him in the fen-cliffs and marshes,
Sick unto death
A body-wound suffered
The direful demon, damage incurable
Was seen on his shoulder, his sinews were shivered,
This plainly he saw then
Who with mirth of mood malice no little
Had wrought in the past on the race of the earthmen,
That his body would fail him

Reflection Questions:
How do Grendel’s actions compare to the actions of other monsters you know about? What do you learn about the character through his actions? Part B Beowulf
Heroic Actions
Text Support Beowulf acts quickly to turn the tables on Grendel.
“ Forward the foeman foined with his hand; Caught he quickly the cunning deviser” you can tell that Beowulf's men are loyal because they are willing to fight to protect him "Many a noble/ Of Beowulf brandished his battle-sword old,/ Would guard the life of his lord and protector" Beowulf is confident in himself and his heroic abilities, so much so that he knows he can defeat Grendel without weapons. But weapons of victory/ Swords and suchlike he had sworn to dispense with Beowulf shows courage and ends up defeating Grendel But Higelac's hardy henchman and kinsman(Beowulf)
Held him by the hand; hateful to other
Was each one if living
To Beowulf was given
Glory in battle

Reflection Question:
How do Beowulf’s actions compare to the actions of other heroes you know about? What do you learn about the character through his actions? Summary Reflection: Using the actions you have noted for Grendel and Beowulf, discuss how their actions in battle reflect the qualities of heroes and monsters. Answer in a paragraph of eight to ten sentences, making sure to include evidence from the poem to support your ideas.

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