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Beowulf Discussion Questions

Topics: Beowulf, Hroðgar, Heorot, Grendel, Murder / Pages: 2 (370 words) / Published: Nov 28th, 2012
E4-9-2-Beowulf Discussion Questions #1
1. Herot was the place in which men would gather with their King, drink mead and listen to bards sing songs of God.
2. Grendel’s lair is like a swamp it is far away from the kingdom and it is where the other monsters live as well. Grendel’s lair compared to Herot which is lavish and elaborate and not swampy and stinky.
3. The significance of Grendel being descended from Cain was so significant because Cain killed his own brother, Abel the first murder in the Bible.
4. Grendel attacks Herot because he does not like the songs about God’s creation of the earth sung by the bards it makes him angry.
5. Herot symbolized the greatness of the kingdom before the coming of Grendel. Unfortunately after it became a place of fear and concern many people stopped coming to celebrate the King’s excellence because they were afraid of Grendel.
6. Hrothgar’s lieutenant was concerned about the arrival of Beowulf & men because he was not sure of what they wanted, he was being cautious.
7. The lieutenant soon realizes Beowulf as a hero when they arrive onshore as outsiders without fear stating his business as being a help to the King by killing Grendel.
8. Unferth brings up Beowulf ’swimming match with Brecca because he wanted to prove Beowulf isn’t the hero everyone says he is. In return, Beowulf responds by saying first of all that he is drunk and that he did slay the monster and eight other sea beasts.
9. Welthow is the Queen and also the hostess in Herot. The narrator praises her for being so kind and serving other before herself.
10. Hrothgar’s speech is significant because he speaks to all telling them to bond together in battle trust no one else other than your men and you will all have true victory.
11. As Beowulf and his men wait for Grendel’s arrival, Beowulf thinks that he is as dangerous as Grendel and that his men fear for their lives doubting if they will even live until morning.
12. Grendel is referred to as a demon or dreadful monster. Grendel symbolizes the evil that is tormenting the Danes.

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