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Beowulf Characteristics

By Superman1266 Apr 19, 2012 472 Words
Patrick Gates
Mrs. Wells

Beowulf Essay

If a crazy monster was in your town would you be the one to stand up and fight for your people.? Well that is exactly what Beowulf did. Beowulf is an epic hero and showed characteristics. There are plenty of characteristics of an epic hero but there are three of Beowulf that stuck out the most. The three main characteristics of an epic hero shows he performs brave deeds, he is a strong and responsible leader, and he risk death for glory or for greater good of society.

To begin, a epic hero shows he performs brave deeds. In my opinion a hero must be brave to be considered an hero period. Beowulf performed his brave deeds in the story. For an example when Beowulf swam against Brecca. He did not have to race but he was brave enough to step up race against her. Another brave deed, for an example, was Beowulf battling against Grendel. In my opinion if your brave enough to battle against a monster you are considered an epic hero. Beowulf also battled Grendel's mother and stood up to The dragon. Standing up to The dragon was definitely a brave deed Beowulf did because his men left him and he still attempted to battle.

In addition, to be an epic hero another characteristic is to show you are a strong and responsible leader. Beowulf had that characteristic for sure. For an example, Beowulf showed this by fighting for his people. Also he stood up to three different villains, that shows a strong leader. On the other hand Beowulf stepped up and called his men together when they were needed, that shows a responsible leader. All together it all showed that Beowulf is an strong and responsible leader. Strong and responsible leaders stand up tough even when they think they can not win the battle, The dragon for an example.

Furthermore, an epic hero risk death for glory or for the greater of society. This was one of Beowulf characteristics in the story. For an example, in comparison of the first characteristic he battled against Brecca , Grendel and his mother, and The dragon. These were all examples of Beowulf risking death for glory. With Beowulf doing these things he was showing the characteristics of an epic hero.

In conclusion, an epic hero has plenty of characteristics but there are always those that stick out the most. The three main characteristics of an epic hero shows he performs brave deeds, he is a strong and responsible leader, and he risk death for glory or for the greater of society. Beowulf was an epic hero and showed these characteristics. Beowulf is an great example of epic hero. In my opinion his characteristics are the characteristics of an real epic hero.

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