Topics: Prophecy, Prediction, Futurology Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: March 2, 2012
Alexis Toombs
Feb 25, 2012
A Monsters Lesson 04 the Fight with Grendel.
KPL Chart
Know| Predict| Learned|
1.Hrothgar needs help with getting rid of Grendel in his kingdom2. They have tried everything, including going to the devil to try to get some kind of help.3.Beowulf, the greatest warrior has answered the call, but people have warned him against his adventure4.Beowulf’s lineage is very strong. His father was known in many lands5. They let Beowulf and his men through, so they can help Hrothgar and get rid of Grendel| 1.Hrothgar will meet with Beowulf to arrange how he will help them2. There will be skepticism within the town. Since they have tried everything3.Beowulf will have to prove himself the Danes and Hrothgar4. They will accept him and there will be prophecies made 5. People will be hopeful, and soon Beowulf will battle Grendel| 1. Hrothgar is happy that Beowulf came. Unlike my prediction, he is welcoming2. The townspeople are also happy to see him. They see him also as a godsend3. When he tells them about his lineage, it is understood by the audience that Beowulf ‘s father knew Hrothgar4. They were anticipating Grendel’s return to attack, but all the men pulled away5. Beowulf attacked wounded Grendel, In essence he won.|

Were any of your predictions correct? If so, which ones? If not, why not? My predictions were correct when I said that Grendel would battle Grendel and win. But I was not anticipating how welcoming the town and Hrothgar would be. I thought that he would have to prove himself to the Danes and they would be uncertain of him. 2. Were you surprised by the way it ended or did you predict it would turn out that way all along? Give two examples of context clues in the story that either helped you to make these predictions or led you to an ending that was different than you predicted. In section (two) I was told that Beowulf was the most powerful of the men that were there. I predicted that this would mean...
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