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Beowulf is a story that takes place in medieval Europe, the main part of the story is about a knight, Beowulf, that has to fight evil creatures such as a dragon. No one is exactly sure who wrote Beowulf, Paleographers believe from characteristics of the scribal hands that wrote the soul surviving text, that the manuscript was copied down in the late tenth century or early eleventh. This early copy of Beowulf is still around today. This single manuscript can be found in the British Library in London. Scholars believe that the story itself was written between 650-800.

In the medieval, warriors were looked up to greatly. To die as a warrior was one of man's greatest achievements. Children adored them and women wanted to get with them, a lot like celebrities today. The troops of warriors had integrity and loyalty to one another. Death plays a huge part in Beowulf, the story starts and ends with the funeral of a hero. The poem starts with the burial of Scyld Scefing, his burial has been compared the burial of Sutton Hoo, who had a ship-burial. Scyld Scefing is buried amid ship surrounded by treasures and battle gear. He is buried at sea, unlike everyday people who are just put into the ground. Beowulf however, is cremated with all his battle equipment. He is buried along side his unburnt treasure, which is unheard of according to some archeological evidence, which means it was made up for this story alone. So that a lot of people could attend the funeral, some people would be buried atop hills so that it could be seen for miles. Much like to day, when a celebrity dies or like when Princess Diana died, hundreds of thousands of people attended. Some by watching it on television, others by sitting in the stands outside the church. No matter what religion you are there is mostly always some type of burial.

There are different examples of religious beliefs in this story, I found both Christian and Pagan. In some ways the Danes see Beowulf as somewhat...
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