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Being a hero is not just fighting monsters or saving people but there is more to an epic hero than that. Beowulf has shown that he is more than your ordinary, run-of-the-mill hero.
Beowulf shows that he has “larger than life” qualities. No ordinary man can exert the amount of strength that Beowulf did as he lifted the sword made by giants, which was found in Grendel’s lair (_). As Beowulf swims with thirty coats of mail in the battle that Hygelac would soon die in, Beowulf presents his endurance that no mere mortal could ever hope to match (_). Beowulf in many cases possesses these “larger than life” qualities, which helps him prevail in the battles throughout his life.

This magnificent warrior is a natural born leader of others. Beowulf displays this by having his followers wanting to fight for him and not caring if they died because they were behind Beowulf. He also displays the ability of a natural leader by his way of communication and how effectively he is able to communicate with his followers. There is not a leader that you could compare to Beowulf that is as a great of a leader.

Beowulf displays another trait of an epic hero by not being emotionally connected to his followers. While waiting in Hearot for Grendel to make his appearance, Beowulf awaits for his arrival. As Grendel comes in, Beowulf allows him to grab and eat one of his followers without making a move (_). Beowulf also pays no attention to the emotional torment he puts Hrothgar through as he leaves happily (_). It would make life more difficult for Beowulf if he allowed himself to become emotionally attached to those he was leading or serving.

Beowulf, being an epic hero, is very appealing to the opposite sex but rarely has an extended relationship. When Beowulf makes his appearance in Hearot, Wealtheow serves him as women did, but she acted as if Beowulf was the only one that mattered (_). Beowulf provides countless features and amenities that would make...
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