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March 18, 2013

BEOWULF: AN OLD ENGLISH ANONYMOUS EPIC POEM ABOUT AN OUTSTANDING WARRIOR. Beowulf is an epic poem written in Old English product of English literature from medieval times to remotely Anglo-Saxon times, roughly between centuries from 7 to 12. This poem originally in your manuscript does not have a title or name, but it is call Beowulf because this tells the story of a hero named Beowulf, Gautama protagonist of a series of events that are specifically narrated in the poem. (Wolf, 2011) The poem tells the Viking warrior life and underline four major events: Beowulf as the bee-wolf hero, murderer and rending of beasts and monsters; the battle with Grendel and his devastating attacks to Heorot kingdom; the evil that lurks in Grendel's mother, the ruthless cunning and provocation are the arms of a devil with a thirst for revenge for the death of his son, and the defeat of the dragon in a last effort. Beowulf as the bee-wolf hero, murderer and rending of beasts and monsters. The poem recounts the arrival of Beowulf to Denmark to help with his 14 men warriors to defeat to the ogre Grendel. The poem describes the adventures that Beowulf faced, and at the same time Beowulf tells and explains his amazing stories about how he kills with his own hands many beasts and creature. Beowulf says: "I killed the monster with my own sword, nailing it to his heart" Therefore, we can see men's model that existed at that time, men designed for battles in search of glory as we as mentioned Beowulf when arrives in Denmark. He says "to come here is to die for the glory, not for gold" Beowulf was a hero in search of grandeur, of being part of history for centuries, and he wanted to be a warrior unparalleled, that did not afraid to mention his triumphs and the number of monsters that he has killed, emphasizing Beowulf says "I've killed 10, and the last time was 3" The battle with Grendel, and his devastating attacks to Heorot kingdom. The Palace of Heorot governed by the King Hrothgar is threatened by deadly attacks of ogre Grendel. The music and celebrations that it produces to get out of control when angry ogre who lives in a cave nearby, so Grendel always come to kill warriors revelers and devouring them while trying to ease the pain that this noise does to his ears. Ogre attacks makes the king Hrothgar proclaims that he is willing to give half the gold in his kingdom to any man, warrior or hero who kill that ferocious ogre Grendel. After Beowulf arrives from far away to fight Grendel, he takes an arm of Grendel and it is taken as a trophy, and finally Grendel is killed and defeated by the warrior. Although the ogre has been defeated a greater threat lurks, evil that lurks inside the Grendel's mother, and the ruthless cunning and provocation are the weapons of a devil with a thirst for revenge for the death of his son. This charming and clever devil goes to the kingdom of Heorot where destroys and kills many, leaving evidence of her fury unmatched of fatal demon. Beowulf goes to looking for the demon to her lair with a desire to annihilate this powerful beast, seeking peace in the kingdom and eternal glory. However, once he gets there, he is deceived by the promises of that cunning and provocation of that goddess of evil. Thus we can see how to charm and malice manages to catch even the strongest warrior, and leaving him completely vulnerable as well as whom the cunning can seduce to service with intelligence and mischief. After Beowulf have fallen into the trap of Grendel's mother, and have accepted that offers, he returns to Heorot showing how absolute hero and the king keep his promise. Beowulf is king now. Moreover, after Beowulf faces a danger again, defeat the dragon in a last effort. 50 years have passed, Beowulf has become king and very old, but has one last challenge is to fight the dragon that threatens to destroy his kingdom. This warrior despite his age faces a dangerous battle against the dragon that manages to defeat it, and tore out his heart with his hands, but that leaves to Beowulf seriously injured. Beowulf is already on his deathbed when he discovers that the dragon is his son as a product of that time he was fooled by the goddess of desire and the infinite evil. Finally this epic hero receives his funeral and he leaves as heir to Wiglaf who discovers that the demon will never be defeated. In short, the poem is set in a fanciful and magical time of time, full of heroes and monsters, adventure and valor, gold and glory, is an epic of Anglo-Saxon culture and British literature, which recounts events Warrior Beowulf. An exceptional man emerges to save an ancient kingdom from annihilation by terrible creatures. Consequently, this legendary Viking, brimming with confidence and daring ambition, was the successor to the throne and his name will always be listening through the years thanks to his exploits as a warrior value, king, leader, husband, and, what is more important, as a man. And this poem considered the highest achievement of Old English literature shows a mixture of mythology and medieval culture.

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