Topics: Beowulf, Heorot, Grendel Pages: 4 (1755 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Shield Sheafson was seen as a triumphant, wise and noble king. He rose from nothing as an infant with no known family to a brave warrior. As a warrior and leader he eventually proved his strength to many tribes and became king. Many then began to pay tribute to Sheafson. He believed that, “behavior that’s admired is the path to power among people everywhere.” (Line 24-25). King Hrothgar then rose to power as king by his father Halfdane who was son of Beow, which was Shield Sheafson’s son. Hrothgar was not the only son, but was favored because of his fortunes in war. Many friends and kinsmen flocked to follow him. Beowulf a warrior with strength of more than thirty men in one hand aspired to be a great leader like King Hrothgar and Shield Sheafson. Hrothgar was a great king because he provided many fortunes of war for the people who followed him. Because of his great fame with war his force grew to a mighty army. Kings were to do everything better than everyone, in times of peace and in times of conflict. After King Hrothgar had proved his force to be powerful in times of conflict he had to prove his mightiness in the time of peace. He then decided to build Heorot, a great hall which was meant to be a wonder of the world; this was to be his throne room. During these times of peace he gave out his good fortune to young and old. King Hrothgar here displays the qualities of a great king with being a fierce warrior and excellent leader in times of conflict and war such as Shield Sheafson. In times of peace he offers these same qualities of a great king by building a hall that is to be a wonder of the world and distributing his fortune to his followers. Beowulf as a king offers the great qualities of being a brave warrior such as King Hrothgar and Shield Sheafson. Beowulf takes it a step further by being famous for his incomparable strength, and for the incredible tales of his heroism. He compares to the great Shield Sheafson with his undeniable bravery to take on...
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