Benjamin Libet: Do We Have Free Will?

Topics: Free will, Determinism, Mind Pages: 3 (585 words) Published: September 13, 2015

Do we have a Free Will?
The brain is a powerful, mystical part of every living being. It controls what we think, what we do, and how we act. Every day we are faced with decisions. As a human being, we are given the intelligence and brain to make conscious decisions, whether they are good decisions or bad decisions. We have the free will to make them, but is our decision truly conscious? There are many things that influence or determine our behavior. The brain works in magical ways, sometimes with reason and sometime without. Many times we may question our behavior. Libet's experiment looked at the brain and hot it affects our decisions to act or not act, which is basically our free will. Benjamin Libet wanted to explore whether our free will was really free or tied...

He questioned if our freedom to act was determined by some know physical laws or completely non-deterministic. He examined the question of "Do we Have Free Will?" from all angles. He wanted to find out if we had a conscious will or unconscious will. In other words, do we really have control over what we do? Libet looked at such features as timing of brain awareness. Instead of looking at actual time of 60 seconds a minute, he used a Oscilloscope Clock (Figure 1, page 50), where time moved much faster than our real time. Libet wanted to see how fast our brains were reacting in our spontaneity to do something, such as making a split second decision Libet wanted to look at the brains conscious will vs. unconscious will. Free will is all about how we...
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