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Essay on the Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button written By F. Scott Fitzgerald was very different from its movie. Although the text and the movie are about the same person, a man name Benjamin Button who was born old and becomes younger as he goes through life, the two differ in many ways and actually it being about a guy names Ben was the only thing that the two have in common. For example in the movie it begins with Benjamin’s daughter Caroline named after Bens biological mother (whom doesn’t know that she is until the end of the movie) in a hospital in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She is talking with her elderly mother who is sick in bed. She gives her a diary to read which belonged to Benjamin. While she begins reading Ben begins to narrate the story making the point of view in the first person. In the text the story is told in a different point of view which is in the third person not by Ben. These are just the beginning of the many differences between the two.

The settings are very different in many ways. In the text Ben was born in a hospital in 1860 in ante-bellum Baltimore to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Button and his birth struck shock, fear and disgust in the hospital staff. [“…Get another doctor. I brought you into the world, young man, and I've been physician to your family for forty years, but I'm through with you! I don't want to see you or any of your relatives ever again! Good-bye!"] In the movie Bens birth was still a big deal but not to the nurses and doctor. Firstly in the movie Ben was born at home not in a hospital. Secondly his father Thomas Button (also a difference in names) was really the only one who over reacted by grabbing baby Ben and stealing into the night where he goes to a nursing home and leaves him on the steps. In the text Mr. Button is still appalled by his son but still raises him along with his mother, whom is not mentioned much in the text. In the movie Ben’s mother Caroline Button dies giving birth and he was adopted by an African American women name Queenie who works at the nursing home where Roger Button leaves Ben and her husband Tizzy raise him. Queenie felt pity for baby Ben but loved him anyway “you are as ugly as an old fart but your still a child of God.”

Speaking of births in the text Ben was two totally different people when he was born compared to the movie. What I mean by this is that in the movie Ben was born small like an actual infant. He cried and was helpless just like any other infant, if you didn’t see him up close you wouldn’t know any different. When he became a child Ben blended in with the other elderly people in the home and he quoted “I didn’t know I was a child I thought I was like everyone else there, an old man in the twilight of his life.” Queenie didn’t change anything about Ben. He wheeled around in a wheel chair and looked like any other elderly man but was still the size of a normal seven year old with the same curiosity of a child. In the text Ben was born talking he demanded things from his father like a cane, clothes and real food [“…I asked for something to eat"--here his voice rose to a shrill note of protest--and they brought me a bottle of milk!"]. He was taller as well he was the size of a sixteen year old boy. I saw this when I read that Roger went to the store get Ben clothes and he asked the clerk for a bigger size and told him that his son was sixteen. I found this very strange because I can’t imagine how any women could give birth or carry a child of that size and survive. Unlike Queenie Roger wanted Ben not to blend in with other elderly people but to blend in as best he could with other babies and children he made Ben wear children clothes, eat baby food, died Ben’s hair, cut off his beard and made Ben play with children’s toys and none of this interested Ben. In the movie been looked old but had the mind of a child in the text he was an old man inside and out. He was...

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