Benihana: Restaurant and Prime Grade Meat

Topics: Nutrition, The Guest, Customer Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: February 24, 2007
Process Flow:
Benihana has a very efficient process flow since it is able to turnover guests on an average of about one hour excluding bar time. This is attributed to the success of employing the hibachi style cooking and seating. The food is prepared right in front of the guest and is served directly to them which also helps to improve quality, since there is no lack time between the chef preparing the food and the delivery of the food to the customer.

Another interesting fact that I wanted to discuss is the way they procure their meat. The USDA Prime Grade meat is trimmed in house according to the case study. I know that this may be done to ensure that a little fat is left on the meat for the chef to lop off at the table, but I wonder what would be the benefits or disadvantages to having the meat trimming outsourced to possible the source where they obtain the meat? They could have specification to the meat people that they would like some fat on the meat. By outsourcing this process, they may save time and effort of their employees and they would be able to focus more of their attention on the customer's satisfaction.

Site Selection:

-I like the criteria that the Benihana location should be in a high traffic area especially in a business districts where they can draw a large lunch crowd. One trend that I am seeing these days is that a lot of new restaurants, especially in the suburbs, are being built in what I can only call ‘restaurant parks'. This is a section of land that is solely dedicated for the use of several high scale restaurants. These areas not only attract high traffic, but they attract hungry customers that are willing to pay high prices for good food and service. These ‘restaurant parks' might be a good setting for a Benihana, since they provide an interactive and unique dining experience.

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