Benihana of Tokyo

Topics: Service, Service system, Quality management Pages: 12 (4677 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Assignment Questions
Q.01 Considerable success has been achieved by firms practicing TQM. Try to assess what TQM Means for Benihana of Tokyo business model and what are the expected benefits of TQM implementation at it? TQM places quality responsibility on all members of the organization; this is opposed to the earlier models of ‘quality control’ where such responsibility was effectively confined to one particular organizational sector. So considering this, for Benihana restaurant it is not only the responsibility of the top management Rocky but of the entire team. TQM emphasis on the organization’s input , process and people , the team work and team involvement and empowerment is key beside clear vision mission and strategic objective. TQM should be practiced in all activities by management, chefs, waiters ,front door staff , cleaning staff ,marketing , material and contracts people and all other involved in design , production and delivery of the goods and services. The main benefits of implementing TQM at Benihana is customer satisfaction and achieving organizational objectives. As a end product result, high quality goods and services will meet and exceed the customer needs and also comply with service and product design (quality conformance ). TQM will help Benihana in better understanding of customer needs and design the service based on the requirements. This will help Benihana, to design processes that facilitates doing the right job even during first time, and track the results. Extending quality participation to the supplier will help Benihana to increase business and reduce losses by eliminating wasteful practices, which in end leads to increase market share and profit. In Benihana restaurant the business focus is on human as a key input source, implementing TQM and Synergy will have a great positive impact on the service being delivered. TQM is particularly appropriate for Benihana, since the company already adopts a holistic model in regards to service environment, service delivery, interaction between staff and customers, etc. High quality in one sector of the organization is directly related to high quality in other sectors. In addition, the organizational and business models presented by the ‘quality gurus’ originated in “Japanese business practices”, we can see a number of areas in which these concepts have been retained by Benihana. In order to achieve operational excellence and maximize profitability, every product and service that touches the customer must reflect the highest lever of quality. Q.02 Is the goal of Six Sigma philosophy realistic for services provided by Benihana of Tokyo? Explain in details? Six sigma as a business improvement and management philosophy seek to find and eliminate causes of mistakes or defects/errors in business processes they would focus on customer requirements, processes, and outputs that are of critical importance to constituents. As a result, process performance is enhanced, customer satisfaction is improved and the bottom line is impacted through cost savings and increased revenue. Six Sigma philosophy is aiming to improve quality, reduce costs, save time and increase productivity through decreasing defect. ( less than 3.4 error per million) Six sigma philosophy is applicable to most of goods and service industry. If an organization decides to implement Six Sigma, there is no precise path that will be taken by the organization because each organization’s objective is different, and these differences justify varying approaches to implementing the Six Sigma. The route an organization chooses will determine the scope and depth of Six Sigma's implementation impact. A fundamental principle of Six Sigma is that the people close to the work are often best equipped to improve the process. At the same time, organizational leaders need to provide direction and should be fully engaged in the drive to build a better organization. To go more specific for Benihana...
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