Benifits of Being Blind

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There are probably numerous advantages to being blind, deaf, or both. Most of us just do not think of it as being advantageous because we see it as a loss of a sense, not as a gain of better developing the remaining sense. Some of the advantages of being blind that I can think of are not having visual distractions, saving money by not having to own a car, television (unless you just wanted to listen to it), or any other visually orientated devices, and you cannot see all the negativity in the world.

I think that not having visual distractions, especially during conversation, is a huge advantage. I believe that it would be easier to comprehend what you are listening to without having to digest what is going on around you. Imagine talking on the street for example, not only do you have to try to listen to your partner, you also see what is going on around you. You see other people walking towards you; you wonder what they are doing, where they are going, you also see the traffic, the store you wanted to stop in, and other visual distractions. When you are blind those things are still there but you do not see them. So during conversations, I believe that blind people comprehend what they are listening to better.

Another advantage to being blind is saving money. A blind person does not have to own a car. They can rely on walking (which could also be advantageous to your health), cheap public transportation, or in my Grandfathers’ case relatives. Just think of the money you could save by not owning a car and all the expenses that go along with it. You would not have to buy gas (better for the environment), pay for insurance, or worry about maintaining it. You could also save money because you probably would not need a television, unless you wanted to listen to it of course. You probably would not go to the movies, plays, or other forms of visual entertainment.

Not having to see the negativity in the world would probably be the biggest

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