Benetton & Volkswagen

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Unit #5 IP
MKT 460
May 27, 2006

1.Do you believe Benetton is sincere in its efforts to promote social causes through its advertising? I do believe that Benetton was making the attempt to promote the social cases that they saw as key contributors to the worlds problems like, power, sex, race, and war. The only thing that really strikes me is that Benetton used pictures without captions so it makes it difficult to see which side they are really on if any. The campaigns showed that Benetton had somewhat of social consciences but the ads themselves it failed to show exactly what it is (AIGA, 2006). 2.Compare and contrast the controversy over the "We, On Death Row" advertising campaign with the controversies generated by earlier campaigns of the 1990s. Do you think Americans would respond differently than Europeans? Why or why not? The "We, On Death Row" ad campaign was right along the same lines as all their other campaigns whether to raise awareness about AIDS or racism they kept their focus on making controversial subjects that pulls at the consumers moral fibers. With the release of their AIDS campaign consumers refused to shop the stores anymore in Biloxi, Mississippi because they sold products from a "sick" company (Keegan & Green, 2005). With using the pictures of death row inmates in their ads it was a slap in the face to the murder victim's families. Since America actually uses the death penalty for convicted criminals and Europeans feel that the death penalty has no place in a democratic society (Book Shop, 2006). The difference in the response would be huge. Europeans would actually be more offended than those in the US since they feel strongly about abolishing the death penalty. 3.There is a saying in the marketing world that "there is no such thing as bad publicity." Does that apply in the Benetton case? Yes and no, they ads have definitely ticked some people off but as their creative director and chief photographer Oliviero...

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