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Exhibit: II
Benetton’s famous advertisements

Picture 1
Globe Campaign (1986)

Picture 3
A black hand and a white hand linked by handcuff

Picture 2
Israeli and Arab (1987)

Picture 4
Black and White Hand (1990)


Picture 5
An angelic-looking white child embracing a black
one whose hair shaped into devil's horns created a
lot of consternation among Black groups in the US

Picture 6
War Cemetery (1991)


Picture 7
Tongues (1991). In the Middle East, this image was
considered pornographic.

Picture 8
Girl with Doll (1992)

Picture 9
A bird stuck in an oil slick (1992)
Picture 10
Killing in Kosovo (1992)

Picture 11
A boat overcrowded with Albanians (1992)

Picture 12
A man (David Kirby) dying of AIDS surrounded
by his family members (1992)


Picture 13
An empty electric chair for execution (1992)

Picture 15
Faces of AIDS (1994)

Picture 17
Food for Peace (2003). Morno, 60, and Rose, 22 fought
on opposite sides of the Civil war in Sierra Leone Food
aid encouraged the disarmament process and they and
other ex- combatants, now receive rations while
retraining as tailors.

Picture 14
Bosnia Soldier (1994)

Picture 16
Food for Life (2003)

Picture 18
Food For Work (2003). Bagmina, 15, is now free to
find work in Kabul, Food aid supports her while she
looks for a job.

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