Benefits to Lifetime Sports

Topics: Exercise, Golf, Tennis Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Benefits of Lifetime Sports
Have you ever thought about getting out and exercising but not actually been motivated enough to actually do that same thing? There are much greater benefits to participating in activities and exercise than in sitting on your bum. Everyone knows that the more exercise and activities a person does the healthier they will be. In order for this to be true though a person must continue this throughout his/her life and be committed to doing it more than just once in a blue moon. One easy way to get this exercise is to play a lifetime sport. Lifetime sports include sports that can continue with you for a lifetime, which you can participate in at any age, and don’t have an age season. In this essay I will explore the benefits of lifetime sports and go into detail about some sports that are tried and true favorites of lifetime sport participators. A few of these sports include golf, fitness walking/running, bowling and tennis.

Golf may not be a full contact sport, which leads some people to believe it isn’t even a sport, but to play “you need to be mentally and physically fit to be at your best.”(Mclaughlin) The origin of the game is widely debated but has never been directly linked with any country or sport. If a person chooses golf as the sport they want to play for their lifetime then there are a few things they will need to get started. Golfers will always need golf balls and clubs. In golf there are four different types of clubs: woods, irons, wedges and putters.(Mclaughlin) Each type of club has its purpose out on the green. The typical golf match will last for either nine or eighteen holes. The object of golf is to get the ball into the hole, often marked by a flag from a distance, in as few swings as possible. Each hole has a recommended number of swings it should take to make the ball into the hole, this is called par. The idea is to get at or under par on as many holes as you can so...

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