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Benefits on going to college

By DakotaL876 Apr 04, 2014 311 Words
College Essay

I believe College is a place for students to go to further their education, and make their dreams come true. College is a place for a student to attend after they graduate high school. College will help you achieve your goals in life, for example if your dream is to become a teacher you have to graduate from high school and attend four or more years of college. Although college is not cheap, it will pay off for you in the future. There are reasons to go to college, and there are reasons not to go to college. Life is full of options and choices, and the choice we make will shape our future.

Reasons to attend college, #1 A college education secures our future, The number of employment opportunities is greater and statistics reveal that most leaders are college grad’s. #2 A college education shapes, your communication skills, expands your knowledge base, makes you methodical and organized. #3 college gives student ways to communicate more effectively.

Reasons not to attend college, #1 The cost of college has gone up incredibly in the last few years, attending a decently ranked university can cost you up to 100,00 dollars. #2 “The Wall Street” journal has recorded results that most students leave college with a debt of 27,000 dollars! #3 Most people learn more outside of the classroom than inside of it. For some people, learning via textbook is tedious. They prefer learning by doing — working, exploring, creating, or otherwise doing things in the real world. Others have no problem learning out of a textbook. Instead, it’s the one-pace-fits-all atmosphere of school that bothers them. A classroom setting is optimal only for a small number of people. Maybe it’s for you. Maybe not. Figure out out how YOU learn best.

In Conclusion you have many other choice’s to utilize after high school , NOT JUST COLLEGE.

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