Benefits Of A Midwife

Topics: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Having a midwife can be beneficial for so many different reasons; one of those reasons is that they provide moral support to the mother, which not a lot of doctors would typically do. Doctors are just there to help you through the labor and make sure that the baby is safe and healthy, while midwives show their care and devotion to both the mother and the child. Women endure a lot of pain during the process of giving birth and suffer not only physically but emotionally as well. This is due to the fact that sometimes women are not capable of handling birth and when you have a midwife it makes them feel more comfortable. Maureen Corry, the executive producer of Childbirth Connection says, “Every woman should be aware of the benefits of midwifery-led care compared to obstetrician- or family physician led care.” Midwives are a good way to provide the soon-to-be-mothers care and relaxation rather than what kind of attention an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) offers to the mother. OB-GYNs approach the mothers with a more holistic approach rather than a midwife who provides more care almost like a mother would to her own child. The midwives have that motherly touch when it comes to helping the mother during labor, because they actually care for what happens to the mother and her child. The mothers should be aware of the differences between having a midwife rather than going to a doctor. Woman are sensitive especially during labor and with all of their hormones going around in circles, this is when the care of a midwife should fall in to place.

Woman who choose to have a midwife also have a less painful experience; and they are also less likely to have a premature born baby. (Cite Article) “women who had a midwife as their lead provider had fewer interventions and were less likely to deliver a premature baby.” The planned home births that the midwives do are generally considered to be safe for healthy woman that are being attended by certified nurse midwives. This...
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