Benefits of A College Education

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Asabi Ward
Shana Oakes
ENG 111 FON04
05 April 2015 
Benefits of a College Education

Going to college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. College is where many people make the decisions that will mold them for the rest of their lives. In college you meet the people who will leave the biggest impressions on your future. Challenges in college will make a person question life. When will you graduate? How will you make more money than when you started? These challenges are what will shape and form students into the new working generation. So what exactly is a challenge? A challenge is defined as something that by nature or character calls forth special effort. This is a reason why college is beneficial: it challenges you. It expands the normal range of thought. By influencing a person to think different thoughts. How does this pertain to higher educational learning? Say a student is taking a first level Spanish class, and they walk in to realize that the teacher speaks only in Spanish. What should they do? Or when a student is late for class but their teachers locks the door on late students. What should they do? These situations are common amongst college age student’s whether at work or in school. The way that these students handle these situations will determine how they deal with situation throughout the rest of their lives. College is a place to break those bad habits. The way to get over those obstacles will be based on the student. In the first scenario the student was put in an uncomfortable situation. The student was overwhelmed by the teacher speaking only Spanish in a first level class. By simply asking questions this problem can be solved. In the second scenario the student was late but the student was only late due to a flat tire. All this student has to do is speak with the teacher after class. The teacher may take this into consideration. It never hurts to ask.  

Almost every job application poses the question: Do you...

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