Benefits of Swimming

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Rejuvenating, the body mind and spirit….

Fitness development
The fitness development of swimming can be classified into1 group and 2 sub-sections: Performing swimming regularly can help one in building cardio which is important for both weight loss and good cardiovascular health. When the workout is increased gradually by swimming strokes in the water, the heart rate and muscle activity is improved. This increases blood flow to your muscles, which results in more nutrients being delivered to them. It decreases risks of cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure ands prevents obesity when calories are being burnt during your workout sessions. Always remember to warm up before a proper swimming workout session. After a workout session you can do a few basic laps to cool down and help your muscles recover and relax your body after a workout session. When you are doing high-volume workouts, with a good amount of breathing, this is an aerobic swimming workout. Anaerobic swimming workouts have to do with sprinting. However, simply sprinting, even if it is on a pace clock, does not make the workout anaerobic. By extending the rest period, and demanding the maximal speed of the athlete during springs, is an anaerobic swimming workout. By just performing simple water exercises known as water Aerobics, one can get a great workout session. Your aerobic endurance is your ability to exercise your whole body for a long period of time, at a moderate intensity like swimming. When you are first starting to train and you are not very active start off slowly. To increase your aerobic level you need to overload your body. It is a low impact workout session and so any injuries to your joints and muscles are prevented.

Equipment needed?
When in competition –
Swimsuit: Usually very tight and sometimes longer down the legs and arms. This provides the least amount of drag so you take off is al lot faster. Goggles: Protect your eyes and see everything more clearly avoid any damage to the eyes and contract water-borne infections. Cap: Cuts out drag that hair has (weight wise).

Swimming block: The raised platform from which a swimmer starts their race. It has a non-slip surface. Ear plugs: are made of rubber, they protect ears from water and noise and easy to install and remove Stopwatch: is used to keep count of time for laps racing ect.

Towel: absorbent cloth used to dry the body.

Racing Lane: These lines are made of polypropylene rope and pliable plastic floats, these separate the pool and are used for swimmers to have individual lanes. When in training -
Fins: Work your legs and add propulsion to your swimming with fins. Long fins are great for beginners = develop ankle flexibility. Short fins are great = speed to your swimming. Kickboard. To work your legs exclusively, it allows your upper body to float while you kick with your legs. Paddles: Increase pull against the water.

Where can I swim?

The ideal location in which to perform water aerobics is in an indoor swimming pool where the water temperature is controlled. Health clubs offer swimming facilities along with the regular gym membership, they provide a race – style pool with classes and programs were you would be watched over by a professional trainer so that you can obtain maximum results during practice/training and maintain no injury /health risks these however are the latest trends to do in group training. Outside ponds, pools or lakes can be used, but an indoor pool is preferred.

Benefits of swimming
Physical Benefits: It reduces blood pressure, and risk of having a stroke. It reduces your resting heart rate and increases your cardiac input. It makes your heart pump blood effectively and efficiently therefore your heart muscle strength increases Swimming as an exercise requires all the movement muscles to co-ordinate at the same time. Water creates more resistance. As a result of this you develop stronger muscles, maintain muscular balance...
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